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2 Reasons To Upgrade Your Water At Home Today

Did you know that drinking bottled water can make your very sick? carpets online It’s a well-known fact among experts that the extremely environmentally destructive practice of bottled water is highly unregulated and unsafe. Known carcinogens such as arsenic, agricultural byproducts such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and dissolved medications have all been found in the largest producers of bottled water in America.

You may think you’re getting a good quality product because of the higher price tag, but in fact much of the bottled water purchased today has come from a municipal source. In the cases where water was sourced separately, some very nasty bugs and impurities have been found.

Many people avoid water from the tap because it doesn’t taste very good. Unless you live in the countryside and have a private well, chances are you’ve grown accustomed to buying bottled water in the store or from water dispensers for a long time now. You may have even grown accustomed to the high price tag. Considering that the quality of the water leaves much to be desired, you may want to learn more about how to really get clean, pure H2O.

Bottled Water Is Not Healthy And Bad For the Environment

As discussed above, bottled water is a product that comes from an unregulated industry resulting in dangerous contaminants being present in each sip. To put things into perspective, municipal water (the stuff coming out of the tap) is tested many times per day. Technicians test hourly to ensure that there aren’t any dangerous levels of industrial chemicals or pathogens. The corporations that make bottled water remain unregulated. Or, to be more exact, are left to regulate themselves. This isn’t a very transparent way to ensure the health and well-being for all when profits are the main motivation.

Bottled water is known to contain:

known carcinogens such as arsenic and others
chemicals leeched from plastic bottles
bacterial overgrowths
dissolved medicine that can severely affect the elderly and children
agricultural wastes
industrial byproducts
Aside from not being very healthy, buying plastic bottles contributes to the huge problem of non-biodegradable human waste cluttering up landfills and the ocean. An example of this can be seen through the ecological effects caused purely by human deposited plastic. While it is a myth that there is a veritable island of plastic floating around the Pacific Ocean, it is true that there is a large concentration of particles swirling around about 1000 west off the California coast. The surfaces of plastic create the opportunity for the ecosystem of the ocean to be vastly thrown off.

Every second Americans use 1,500 plastic bottles. This is absurd and should stop immediately as many of these are only used once before being discarded. What’s worse is that less than 20 percent of this plastic actually gets recycled. Using in-home filtration is the healthier and more ecologically friendly option.

Filtered Water Saves Home Appliances And Pipes

Deposits caused by hard water or minerals dissolved in the tap concentrate and become solid inside of water heaters, refrigerators, and other appliances. This can lead to costly repairs. In many cases the appliances cannot be repaired and must simply be replaced. If you are a homeowner with a long-term view it would be smart to install a whole-house filtration system.

Just as sediment and scale become deposited in appliances, they can also block plumbing. This can be especially problematic if a pipe bursts in a hard-to-reach or unknown location. Insurance policies may or may not cover flooding so this can be a very pricey repair. Moisture in walls could even lead to mold and mildew growing in the hollow spaces. This is obviously something to avoid. Doing everything you can to prevent pipes from breaking, cracking, or leaking is a good investment.


Using an in-home filtering solution has many clear benefits ranging from environmental, economical, and those related to health. The costs are relatively low compared to the headaches clean water can prevent. One medical bill or plumbing disaster prevented could easily offset the cost of this wise investment.

Jessica Stephens is a writer, consultant, and mother of three who is an expert on natural health and home improvement topics. She speaks to clients regularly about the use of water softener system and reverse osmosis water filter system to naturally improve well-being.

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