Food Supplies

1 Year Emergency Food Supplies

We have been selling these long shelf life canned foods for a while now and have a ton of great feedback on them and no bad feedback at all. Our customers love best shemagh these canned foods and so do we. We have been working on getting these one year food supplies together for some time and here they are. Please note that these canned foods are sometimes hard to keep in stock because they sell so well. However, we have selected items that we have a brand new, fresh and steady supply of.

Keep in mind that there are many reasons why a person would buy a one year food supply. The reasons don’t all have to do with surviving a huge disaster. If you were to lose your job or a friend was to lose their job, this could come in really handy and there are so many other reasons too.

Also note that these are not the kind of foods that will sit in storage until the time comes that you need them. They are super high quality foods for nutrition and taste. That’s one of the best things about these foods. Not only do they have a super long shelf life, but they are real food, not survival food. Most survival experts recommend that your long term survival preps should be made up of the same type of food you eat every day. Otherwise, in a manmade or natural disaster that throws you into a survival situation having to switch your diet to survival food can create additional stress to you, your body and the situation.

Think about that too. This one year emergency food supply is a great start. But also think about the other foods and supplements you could add to your survival preps that would allow you to be creative with food prep, such as seasonings and baking products.

Please note that since these are very heavy and are shipped by freight truck, our prices are set up to accommodate a truck with a lift gate that lowers the pallet down to your driveway. That is a more expensive delivery than if the truck was to simply back up to a loading dock and wheel it off into a warehouse. This is a great deal with no hidden shipping costs. In fact, here is a good point to note from our supplier. “the trucking company will call them before delivery to book an appointment. Typically they will give them a 4 hour window during business hours Monday through Friday. Because of that, you will need a contact phone number with every order. You might also want to let them know that it is not an inside delivery. They will take it right up to your garage for sure, and often they will roll it into your open garage door if there is a spot that is easy to access, but they definitely won’t take it inside a house or up stairs (the same way UPS won’t).”

Also note that once you get your shipment, you of course don’t have to keep it on the pallet. You can store your new long shelf life canned foods throughout your house and therefore don’t have to take up much room.

We have worked hard to come up with three different menus for you to chose from. Of course you can put together your own food groups and we can provide you with a quote or you can add to these. Please let us know if we can help you in any way with with your emergency preparedness.