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How To Remodel Your Bathroom And Make Money At The Same Time

As most homeowners know, remodeling a bathroom is one of the two most expensive renovation jobs that can be taken on, which is why you need the best Perth bathroom specialists. Knowing how to remodel your bathroom and make money at the same time through a good return on investment is key. Whenever homeowners are trying to sell a house and there is a down economy, one of the factors that will position that house over others in the eyes of potential buyers is the condition of the kitchen and bathroom. However, this leaves homeowners to worry about whether they will be able to recoup their remodeling dollars when the house finally sells.

The problem is that buyers are looking for houses that are in top-notch condition with fresh paint, updated appliances and fixtures, and little that they will need to do to make the house move in ready. So, it goes without saying that by remodeling or freshening up your bathroom will place your house on the top of the sales roster.

Since there is heavy competition in the housing market, and with banks being extremely careful with financing higher priced homes, appraisers are being more unyielding in their comparisons. Sellers who have old vinyl bathroom floors and out of date wallpaper cannot compete with other houses in the neighborhood that half of modern appliances and fixtures along with up-to-date paint colors. The key here is to present a clean, modern, turnkey bathroom as a crown jewel in your home.

The big question in most homeowner’s minds is how much can you realistically recoup when selling your house? This is dictated by your choice of materials, colors, how much you spent and the buyer’s perceptions. You cannot get emotional over losing 15 to 25% of your remodeling spend because routinely you can expect a return on investment of 75 to 85%. In order to recoup the higher percentage you want to make sure that you incorporate classic and natural materials with unique finishing touches into your remodeling project. You can easily check with your realtor who could get you into other houses in your neighborhood so you can compare your current bathrooms state to other houses being sold. This will let you know where to put most of your dollars. Do not take this to mean that unique tap the most luxurious expenses bathroom in the neighborhood.

As every good realtor will tell you, every dollar you spend on remodeling your bathroom will make it that much more attractive in the eyes of buyers. With this in mind, knowing how to remodel your bathroom and make money at the same time by achieving a higher return on investment should be number one on your list of things to do.

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